Machete Betties Rec League

Houston Roller Derby’s Recreational League (also referred to as “Rec League”) is an athletic and social organization formed to give all women the opportunity to learn and play flat track roller derby.

Rec League is a place for women to train and learn to play roller derby without having to make the commitments required to be a home team skater. It offers women a fun, safe, opportunity to express and build their athletic abilities.

Our members vary in age and athletic ability. Women attend Rec League for different reasons. Many women attend to learn the skills in preparation for future HRD home team skater tryouts, and others just for a great workout. 

All skaters must be 18 years or older.


⋆ Teach the game of flat track roller derby: skills, rules, strategies and referee signals.

⋆ Prepare those interested in trying out for HRD’s competitive home teams.

⋆ Give tips for healthy living and taking good care of your body.

⋆ Get a good workout.

⋆ Build relations with fellow skaters.

⋆ Have fun!


Like any sport, there is gear that you will need in order to participate in roller derby safely. There are a lot of brands and styles to choose from so ask around and try on other people’s gear to see what size you need. We do have gear that can be borrowed until you are able to purchase your own.  Skates can be rented for $3. 

Unless you have a rich uncle footing the bill, shop around for prices. Some vendors have discounted package deals for new skaters if you buy everything at once. This can be a good deal, but check each of the elements in the package because sometimes substitutions aren’t allowed.


All Rec League skaters are expected to follow our Code of Conduct. All participants will sign a document stating they will:

⋆ Treat others with respect, dignity, and fairness.

⋆ Uphold and maintain the basic tenets of the game, which includes integrity, neutrality, respect, sensitivity, professionalism, discretion, and tactfulness.

⋆ Strive to master the rules of roller derby and procedures necessary to play by the rules.

⋆ Uphold the dignity of the sport in all interactions with other skaters, referees, coaches, volunteers and the public.

⋆ Display and execute superior communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal.

⋆ Work with other participants in a constructive and cooperative manner.

⋆ Accept responsibility for all actions taken.

2018 Beginner Boot Camp Sessions

⋆ January 9 - February 13, 2018
⋆ February 20 - March 27, 2018
⋆ April 3 - May 15, 2018
⋆ May 22 - June 26, 2018
⋆ July 10 - August 14, 2018
⋆ August 21 - September 25, 2018
⋆ October 2 - October 30, 2018 (5 weeks)
⋆ November 6 - December 11, 2018 (5 weeks) 

2018 L2 & L3 Sessions

⋆ January 9 - March 27, 2018
⋆ April 3 - June 26, 2018
⋆ July 10 - September 25, 2018
⋆ October 2 - December 11, 2018

2017 L1 Moving to L2 - Half Sessions

⋆ February 20 - March 27, 2018
⋆ May 22 - June 16, 2018
⋆ August 21 - September 25, 2018
⋆ November 6 - December 11, 2018