Skater number: 1031

Years played: 5th season

How did you first hear about and start playing roller derby?  You've all seen whip it right? Just kidding.. well mostly. A friend had been wanting to go to a boot camp HRD was hosting and I had just seen whip it trailers. We went to a boot camp the next week and the rest is history. 

Theme song: Bad Reputation- Joan Jett

Likes:  Food.. lots and lots of food. (Pho, pizza, tacos = life), Music all of it for the most part. Movies! , Skating obviously. The beach. 

Dislikes: Bugs, Clowns, and Tight spaces

What is your favorite piece of derby gear? My Bont Skates

Injuries sustained during derby? I tore both my PCLs within my first two years with the Bosses. I am regularly bruised from accidental throat punches, and velcro scars actually look really interesting. 

Fun Facts:  

I can waltz, and swing dance. (Not well)
I can quote Pitch Perfect and Im sure too many other movies to count.
I have 3 nephews!
I graduate this summer with my Paralegal Certificate!
I have traveled and stayed in about 35/50 states, but never been across the pond.