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2017 - Rookie Season


Skater number: 266

Years played: Rookie season with HRD played rec league for 2 years

How did you first hear about and start playing roller derby? My brother took me to a was love at first sight & numerous other spectators assumed I already played...I figured, why not??!?!?...I started practicing with rec league the following week.

Theme song: Daughters of Darkness ~Halestorm~

Likes: Wheels on meh feet!!!
Loud music
Shooting, along with the smell of gunpowder & spent casings
Great Food
(I think I just summed up the PERFECT day)

Dislikes:~people with wretched, or mean attitudes
~...being hungry

Injuries sustained during derby? Minor concussion, busted lip, torn meniscus X2, partially dislocated shoulder, dislocated elbow & ankle, but my favorite are all the numerous mysterious bruises

What is your favorite piece of derby gear? My comfy antiks with waxed laces

Fun Facts: I'm the only girl of 5 kids.
I've visited all but maybe 9 of the 50 United States? And almost all by car/driving/road trips.
In 2015 I became a grandma.
I never really played any organized sports prior to derby...aside from playground style/type sports play.
My hair has NATURALLY turned gray/silver...I don't dye it this color...