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2017- Rookie Season


 Number: 0

Years Played: 5th year, Siren rookie season

How did you first hear about and start playing roller derby? There was a booth for the local derby league at a music festival in North Texas. I was like, whoa! derby is an actual thing??!! Went to a fresh meat practice at House of Quad in Denton and never looked back.

Theme song: Black Betty!

Favorite piece of derby gear:  Rollerbones turbo 97a wheels are my fave and work (for me) on almost any floor. 

Likes: Elephants, craft beer, skating fast and turning left

Dislikes: Walls of blockers, latecall-offs and horizontal stripes

Injuries sustained during derby? Broken wrist, fractured foot, contusions, several losttoe nails

Fun Facts: I hate pants. 

I eat peanut butter before every game.... Which used to be called bouts, but we all need to accept change. Right?