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CT Scan

Number: 911

Years Played: This my 3rd season with HRD and my 6th season in the land of derby.

How did you first hear about and start playing roller derby? A friend of mine, Dirty Sherri, wanted to do it and she twisted my arm. Not really, I was totally for it because adding roller derby to the bucket list seemed like a blast.

Theme song: "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen

Likes: Making people smile, Eating Blue Bell Vanilla Bean out of the carton with my Pop, crawfish, rescuing animals, softball, skiing, haunted houses, going on adventures, using a riding lawnmower and missing a tree the last second, Bit-O-Honey, thrill rides, but most of all, being a Mom!

DislikesTomatoes, dresses, heights, high heels, air planes, mean people, custard, flan, tapioca pudding, fake friends, and flying roaches.

Injuries sustained during derby? Broken arm sustained before my first tryout, Concussion happened the same moment I broke my arm, tons of beautiful bruises happen all of the time, a couple of black eyes have occurred as well.

Fun Facts: I rehabilitate the worst dogs you've ever seen and they are total beauties when they leave my home. I can get pretty angry, but the sweetest, tiniest gesture can bring me to tears. I was in an almost plane crash twice during the same flight, hence the fear of heights. I was a winner on Fear Factor Live.