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2017 - Rookie Season


Skater number: 27

Years played:  5 years, but this is my rookie season with HRD!

How did you first hear about and start playing roller derby?  I was in my sophomore year of college when I decided I needed a reliable outlet for exercise and stress relief. Even though it was completely foreign to me, I somehow ended up Googling local roller derby in my hometown of Phoenix, which lead to me finding my beloved Arizona Roller Derby. I could barely even wobble around in my first pair of skates, but once I hit my first practice, I was immediately hooked. 

Theme song:  Ghost - Year Zero

Likes: Science, genetics, nerdy things, roller derby (duh), punk rock, too many metal genres to list, Ghost (the band, but the movie is cool too), strange music of all kinds, vinyl records, video games, morbid things, reading, sarcasm, making people laugh, cats, coffee shops, black clothing, sewing patches on my vest, doing Viking things with my Viking friends, Reddit, reading, movies (especially anything from the 80's).

Injuries sustained during derby?  I've had bruises that span every color of the rainbow! 

Favorite piece of derby gear?  It's not technically a piece of derby gear, but I would never feel complete on game day without my warpaint. I started playing around with warpaint as a way to chill out and ease my pre-bout nerves, and over time it became a ritual that I'll never go without!

Fun Facts:  I am the nerdliest of nerds. I'm a former scientist who worked in a neurogenomics research lab for 4 years before moving to Houston to pursue a master's degree in genetic counseling. I've got 10 years of World of Warcraft under my belt (FOR THE HORDE!), but love video games of all kinds. I used to be able to shred on guitar, but between school and derby, my guitars usually just weep these days because I totally neglect them. I'm mildly obsessed with the band Ghost. I'm becoming an avid collector of vinyl records. I love lifting heavy things up and putting them back down.