2018 Machete Betties All Stars


The Machete Betties All Stars (MBAS) are the new competitive team for the Houston Roller Derby Rec League!

The goal of the MBAS is to provide a more competitive level in the Rec League to bridge the gap between Rec and Fresh Meat, therefore providing a stronger potential Fresh Meat pool for Houston Roller Derby’s Home Teams. These skaters have worked their way up to L3s and will now have the opportunity to improve their physical and mental game play with higher-level bouting opportunities. This team is also open to retired skaters and will provide an opportunity to continue to play derby with less requirements than Home Team skaters.

The MBAS already have two Interleague games on the calendar at HPS!

The requirements to join the Machete Betties All Stars are as follows:

⋆ Attendance: Practice will be Mondays and Tuesdays from 7-9. Skaters must attend approximately 70% of practices to skate in a bout.

⋆ Skills: Must be equivalent to an L3 or higher, with some bouting experience. Must also have WFTDA insurance.

⋆ Rules Test: Must pass full rules test

⋆ Dues: Must be up to date with dues/session fees and in good standing with the league