Dutch TT.jpg



Name: Dutch Destroyer

Number: 201

Years played: 2016 will be my 7th season

How did you first hear about and start playing roller derby? I first heard about it from Becky Booty (a former HRD skater) in a restaurant bathroom in 2009 (lol!). My neighbor and I decided to try the rec league together. Although she didn't care for it and was done before the practice was over, I was hooked from day one! After skating with the rec league for a few months, I decided to try out for the competitive league. The rest, they say, is history...

Theme song: “Low” by Flo Rida

Likes: I like pushing myself and those around me to challenge themselves and see what we can really achieve . I also like dogs, organization, spreadsheets, Sunday morning coffee on my back deck, and long walks on the beach...oh wait. Wrong questionnaire!

Dislikes: Road rage and closed-mindedness.

Injuries sustained during derby? Yikes. Big ones have been a ruptured ligament in my thumb my first season and a tib/fib break early in 2015. (Both required surgery.) The ankle break especially was challenging to get through, both physically and emotionally. I believe I'm a stronger person for it though! I've also had a whole lot of sprains, strains and overuse injuries over the years.

Fun facts:
-I have been a skater and a captain on both the Brawlers and the Valkyries. 
-I love kettle-bell exercises and have one shaped like a chimp head. 
-I'm actually a Yankee and grew up in Wisconsin.
-I've been in Texas longer than Wisconsin, so maybe I'm no longer a Yankee? Not sure the rules on this.