Name Lethal Concentration

Number 50

Years Skated 6 months

Athletic Background I have been asked to play just about every sport because of my height, but the one that really stuck for 12 years was lacrosse. I played on and off from middle school to college.

Fun Facts My favorite animal is a penguin. One of the items on my bucket list is to actually pet a penguin. My skater name stems from what I do for a living. I perform the environmental tests on drilling fluids to see which concentration would kill 50% of the shrimp population, aka the Lethal Concentration of 50%.

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Find out on October 24 at Houston Roller Derby's 2016 Draft & Halloween Derby Extravaganza event! Fans will get a thrilling sneak preview of the 2016 season as more than a dozen rookies find themselves announced to any of the league’s four fierce teams, while celebrating Halloween with some great monster mash ups!