2017- Rookie Season


Name: AJ Swatt

Number: 99

Years Played: Rookie season

How did you first hear about and start playing roller derby?  I clicked on a link in a Ticketmaster email to buy tickets for a game and somehow found my way to the Houston Roller Derby website. There was a section on the website that said "Learn How to Play Roller Derby" with a link to sign up for a beginner bootcamp, so I did. I was hooked from the very first practice. :)

Theme song: Turn Down for (S)What by DJ Snake and Lil Jon

Likes:  My Momma's cooking, clean sheets, my puppy dog-Sam, good people, and big hugs

Dislikes: People who drive slow in the fast lane

Favorite piece of derby equipment:  My kneepads...they feel like clouds whenever I take a spill.  

Injuries sustained during derby? Broken ankle

Fun Facts: That I play roller derby is usually my go-to "fun fact". LOL Soooo, how about: The year I turned 40 is the year I started roller derby. It's never too late to try something