2017- Rookie Season


Name: Cuban Thunder

Number: 514

Years Played: Rookie season

How did you first hear about and start playing roller derby? So for about2years my really good friend was on me about trying out Roller Derby, she would say that it was a good fit for someone like me and that I would LOVE it. Then one day I finally had some time available in my busy schedule to try it out (then my friend quit, lol). So because she quit, I used all her gear. And I was now signed up for myfirstbeginnersbootcamp. This was with East County Chaos in Summer 2015. Since we were a very small group (sometimes only 3 of us) I was able to dedicate my time in mastering the basics of derby and skating with quad skates. Then in December of 2015, I happentostopintoa HRD Coed night and a whole new world of roller derby was opened up to me. And by January 2016, I was registered to begin MacheteBetties rec league with Houston Roller Derby. If I had been bitten by the roller derby bug before, now I was consumed, my friend was correct when she said Roller Derby was my calling. And here I am a year later, starting my rookie season with Houston Roller Derby's Psych Ward Sirens. #SPV

Theme song: Thunderstruck by AC/DC

Likes: When I'm not doing derby, I like beingatmyboys football & baseball games. I also like going fishing offshore on our boat & relaxing on the beach. And it may surprise some that I am a huge book nerd (I actually have a blog that is dedicated to book & movie reviews going on 7 years now). I like to travel by air, sea or car. And last but not least, I love to dance and I'm a huge fan of all music but especially the EDM genre. 

Dislikes: Well I dislike roaches, it's the one thing I'm terrified & grossed out by. YUCK!!!

I dislike running, always have even back when I played soccer and softball in High School & College.

And I do not like Beer! Never have and probably never will! 

Favorite peice of derby gear:  My Black & Blue Antiks AR1's with custom cuban flag inspired toe guards and a red lighting bolt shwings

Injuries sustained during derby? I have been lucky that I have had only one major injury all this time, ithappenfirst day of tryouts for HRD. Skater jumped withfull skate on to my left shin with all her weight while several of us were on the floor to get up. This created a hematoma that caused my whole lower leg from knee to foot, to swell up and turn completely purple like an eggplant with a large lump at the impact zone. I was extremely lucky that the bone did not break and no blood clots every formed. It's been a process to heal and will take some time for the hematoma to completely go away, so that's why you'll see me only wearing a shin guard withcompression sleeve on my left leg. And of course besides the hematoma, your usual bruises, scratches and broken nails that are normal with derby. 

Fun Facts

I have seen Lava up close in Hawaii (2005), it was a dream of mines since I was a little girl.

I have two boys (ages 15 & 10) that play baseball and football and keep me busy when it's not derby. They are my life!

I was born and raised in Miami, Fl and relocated to Texas in 2007. My background is Cuban, hence the derby name.

For 3 years I went to Los Angeles, CA and for a full week each year camped in a tent in the middle of Downtown LA (Nokia plaza) with several other people for the red carpet events for Eclipse, Breaking Dawn 1 & 2 of the Twilight movies. And got to meet and hang out with all the famous stars of Hollywood.