Skater number: 21

Years played:  11

How did you first hear about roller derby?  A friend ran into an old co-worker at the park who was skating and bought some tickets off of her, so went with them to watch a game...

Theme song:  Danger Danger, of course!

Likes:  Dogs, margaritas, sleep, sunshine

Dislikes:  Excuses, apathy, disorganization, clutter

Favorite piece of derby gear:  My wristguards - that is a lesson one only needs to learn once!

Injuries sustained during derby? I've been very fortunate that I have never had an injury that made me have to leave a game, but I probably should have when I broke my fingers in a playoff game once! I finished that game and played another the next day. After that, the team flew home and I went straight to the doc and then had surgery the following day.