Ruby Ridikule


Years Played: 7th season, 2nd as a Siren!

How did you first hear about and start playing roller derby? My Mom had a recruiting flyer and thought it would be fun to play. I watched one practice then bought my gear. I started the next week. Been hooked every since. I love the sport!  I started playing in Beaumont in 2009 and continued with Houston in 2015! Still becoming a stronger player! 

Theme song: "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor

Likes: I enjoy adrenaline activities! Skydiving, roller coasters, dancing, skating (of course),spicy foods, margaritas! 

Dislikes: Tardiness, Dishonesty. 

Favorite piece of derby gear:  My Bonts with Arius plates!

Injuries sustained during derby? June 2010-broken right leg (tib & fib), June 2014-broken left leg (tib & fib), Jammed finger & lots of bruises otherwise

Fun Facts: I have been called fearless by many of my friends. Work in Veterinary field while being allergic to both cats & dogs. Fear of heights while love to jump out of airplanes.. :)