Number: 297

Years Played: Started off as a Machettie Betties, and then was drafted to the Yellow Rose Derby Girls for one season. This is my second season with the Psych Ward Siren.

How did you first hear about roller derby?  I was roller blading around Bear Creek Park and someone ask if I ever heard of roller derby. I told them no, so they suggested for me to watch Whip It. I knew instantly I wanted to play this sport and sign up for the Boot Camp at Houston Roller Derby.

Theme song:  Light Em Up- Fall Out Boy

Likes:  Traveling, Adventures and Food!

Dislikes:  Drama & Olives

Favorite piece of derby gear:  My Turbo wheels

Injuries sustained by derby?  Tore my Hamstring first few months of starting derby. Really tried hard to jump the apex with two people standing the Apex, failed!- Tore my PCL, still torn. Had a Concussion, the last game of the 2015 as a Knockout. Hairline fractures, twisted ankle and bruises...

Fun facts:  I am on a paddling team (Hokulele) where we compete on a dragon boat, outrigger canoe and canoes. I also do vinyl printing on shirts, cups and other items that need custom vinyl.