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2017 Travel Team



Skater number: 89

Years played: 4th year skating, 4 years as a referee before that.

How did you first hear about and start playing roller derby?  I saw a flyer back in 2009 and thought it looked cool but then forgot about it. A few months later at a town festival, two derby girls convinced me to join. I figured I needed a hobby, and I really liked rollerblading as a kid, so I started out as a referee. Over the years life caught up with me and I switched to playing.

Theme song:  Fury Oh Fury by Nico Vega 

Likes:  Cheese... all the cheese

Dislikes: Oysters, Baron Harkonnen, When people drive slow in the left lane, and when you set your pads out to dry overnight and they're still wet the next day.

What is your favorite piece of derby gear? My Scald Eagle autographed helmet

Injuries sustained during derby?  Lots of bruises, a busted lip, nothing major. A couple of sprained ankles, including one 20 minutes into my first practice with HRD....womp womp.

Fun Facts:  I have a 14-year-old black cat named Luna who is my favorite little weirdo. I also make wood art by burning it with a microwave transformer.