Name: Payo Dues

Number: 215

Years played: My 2nd season!

How did you first hear about and start playing roller derby? About 10 years ago my mother shared a childhood memory with me. Fortunately, it had nothing to do with her walking to school with no shoes... in 3 feet of snow. But, infact it was a memory of her and my grandmother's times watching roller derby. They would sneak out and go to the Los Angeles Thunderbird bouts every chance they got. After watching vintage footage online, I was hooked and knew this was a sport for me. Fast forward to April of 2015, I finally signed up for a Houston Roller Derby boot camp and here I am!

Theme song: Giant Woman 

What is your favorite piece of derby gear?  My Chaya Pearl Boots and Juice Wheels!

Likes: Stephen Universe, Los Angeles Lakers, Old blues and jazz, Writing, Great coffee, Good reads, Spreading the word of positive body image, The empowerment of women, Intersectionality, Nice wine and of course sharing all of these things with genuinely kind people.

Dislikes: I am not a fan of humid days, apple juice with no ice, and mean girls.

Fun facts: I am a plus size model, children’s author, former band geek, and a mommy of two amazing boys.