: Hot Assets

Number: 751

Years played7, 5 with HRD

How did you first hear about and start playing roller derby? A friend joined a league nearby and it turned out that they practiced <5 minutes away from where I lived. I went for a bootcamp one evening and was hooked.

What is your favorite piece of derby gear?  My hockey helmet. Having a face shield is a complete game changer.

Theme song: Harder Better Faster Stronger - Daft Punk

LikesLifting heavy things, cats, twinning, Valhalla, spreadsheets, cycling

Dislikes:  Not being able to work out because of being too sore from everything else I do.

Injuries sustained during derby? Dislocated my pinky during the 2016 season opener. Had one of our AWESOME medics tape it up so I could return to the game. Afterward, we went to urgent care to get it popped back into place and made it back in time for the afterparty!

Fun factsI'm a pusher. I like to push myself to try my best at everything I do. I hate to slow down except for if it's for the occasional beer, taco, or to pet a cat.