Eli Scissorhands 





2017 - Rookie Season

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Eli Scissorhands

Number: 173

Years Played: HRD Rookie, 2nd season of roller derby

How did you first hear about and start playing roller derby? I was a first year teacher. I was loving my new job, but stressed and was looking for an outlet. I passed by a car wash and saw a bunch of crazy ladies in tutus. I found out it was for roller derby and knew that those were my people. 

Favorite piece of derby gear: My Valky Bonts

Theme Song: Pretty Girl Rock

Likes: -Milk steak and ghouls (It's Always Sunny)

For real,
-Obstacle course racing
-That lightbulb moment in teaching
-Pushing myself"

Dislikes:-People's knees (LOL! It's Always Sunny)

Seriously now,
-Closed mindsets

Injuries sustained during derby? 

"Don't put that evil on me, Ricky Bobby!"

Just bruises so far.

Fun Facts: I can come up with a movie/tv quote for literally any situation. It's like a savant-ish gift.