Kelly Killpowski

Number: 7

Years Played: This is my 4th season

How did you first hear about and start playing roller derby? I’m originally from Canada – reppin’ -- all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I moved to Lafayette, Louisiana in 2010 and went quad skating at the local roller rink with some friends, thinking it would be fun. Although I had grown up playing hockey, I had never skated on quads before. By chance, the local roller derby team had practice that night and asked me to skate with them. Soon thereafter, I moved to Houston, tried out for HRD, and was hooked!

Theme song: "Float on" by Modest Mouse

Likes: Cartoons, sleeping in, traveling, science, and crossfit 

DislikesMustard, drama, airports, reality TV

Injuries sustained during derby? Nothing too serious.  I broke my nose last year, and during my rookie year, I landed hard on my hip, which got so inflamed, I received a hematoma, requiring quite a bit of blood removal. I still have a little calcified spot that my teammates named lumpy.

What is your favorite piece of derby gear?  I love my Antiks boots with Arius plates.  I also love my removable face shiled.  The back of helmets seem to be attracted to my face. 

Fun Facts: I'm an offshore geologist in the oil and gas industry. I coordinate safe drilling locations for oil rigs around the world -- traveling offshore occasionally.