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Punch Drunk Paula

Number: 831

Years Played: Rookie season

How did you first hear about and start playing roller derby? About three years ago my cousin came home with an HRD program. As I was paging through it, I saw that bootcamp started that following Tuesday. Even though I had never seen roller derby (outside of "Whip It"), I decided to give it a go. It's been an amazing journey and I'm looking forward to what this season brings!

Likes: Roller skating, duh! I also love snacks!

Dislikes: Being diabetic, you can almost always count on me having some kind of snack. Be it fruit, trail mix, cookies, candy, granola... ALL OF IT!

Injuries sustained during derby? Just lots and lots of bruising!!

Fun Facts: I have no real athletic background. I skated as a kid in my driveway, but was never really good at sports in general (major bookworm here!) And I love that this doesn't matter in roller derby!

My other fun fact is that I am diabetic and I wear an insulin pump. Even though diabetes requires constant monitoring, it really doesn't keep me from doing all kinds of fun stuff, including derby!