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Betty Watchett

Number: 19

Years Played: This is my 8th season

How did you first hear about and start playing roller derby? I found an HRD flyer and looked it up online. I was looking for a way to find myself in college because I didn't have a lot of friends. Once I joined HRD, I never turned back!  As a kid, I had always skated inline, so I had to teach myself how to skate on quads before joining. After eight weeks of training with rec league, I tried out and made HRD.

Theme song: Fatty Boom Boom - Die Antwoord

LikesRoller derby! Cats, High fives, Power slides, Girl power, and inspiring others.

DislikesSmelly derby pads, giving up, root beer, and pickles.

Injuries sustained during derby? 

Concussion, broken wrist,fracturedrib, a sprained ankle, whiplash, and too many jammed fingers, asphalt scrapes, bruises, rink rash burns, Velcro scratches, muscle strains, displacements, and other random things to count.

I once bubble-wrapped my cast and put it into an extra large wrist guard when I broke my wrist to keep playing - unless I physically can't keep my skates on my feet, I'll be on the track!

Fun Facts: 

I'm the most veteran skater on the Bayou City Bosses. My name is a reference to the phrase "better watch it."   My jersey number is the age I started skating with Houston Roller Derby. My super power is lip-reading. People think I'm too nice to play roller derby until they see me on the track. I'm a native Houstonian.

Favorite piece of derby gear? My wheels!