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2017 - Rookie Season


Number: 5

Years Played: Rookie Season

How did you first hear about and start playing roller derby? My sister has been playing for almost 6 years, I saw her amazing-ness and decided I wanted to join in. I’ve been in competitive sports most of my like and I was all in for some rough game play and bruises to show it.

Favorite piece of derby gear:  I love my Bonts with custom toe guards by Derby Vixen on Etsy. I also really appreciate my hockey helmet and face shield.

Theme song: Fort Minor- Remember The Name

Likes-Hedgehogs -Car music jams -Water -sweet tarts soft and chewy ropes ;) -bone fires -snowboarding -my friends -the blood of my enemies


Injuries sustained during derby? lots of bruises

Fun Facts: I used to play Water Polo in high school, I was on varsity as a freshman, soon became captain of my team, and went to state all four years! I'm the youngest of my siblings and somehow we all ended up playing roller derby. :)