2017 - Rookie Season


Skater number:  321

Years played:  Rookie season with HRD, (4 yrs total)

How did you first hear about and start playing roller derby?  I was a medic at a bout and wanted to be on the track playing vs. sitting on the sidelines. So I signed up for the next boot camp available. 

Theme song: Anything Joan Jett

Likes: All things derby.  I like to chill with the family and 2 dogs. Traveling, working out,  The Hobbit, naps, and UFC fights

Dislikes: Derby: High blocks to the face, skate/wheel/toe stop malfunction.

Non-derby: cats, cheesecake, bullies, second-hand rap, liver and onions, beer, flying in airplanes, heights.

What is your favorite piece of derby gear? My BONTS with Avenger Mag plates

Injuries sustained during derby?  Just your typical bruises and muscle soreness;  nothing too major. 

Fun Facts:  

•I have my red belt-Black stripe in Shaolin, Northern praying mantis Style kung fu.
•I can make beaded loomed Native jewelry