2017 - Rookie Season


Kita Destruction

Number: 203

Years Played: Rookie Season

How did you first hear about and start playing roller derby? At the beginning of 2016, I remember sitting at my desk on the first day back at work after the holidays and realizing I needed something fresh in my life. I had a facebook friend who played derby and posted about the Machete Betties bootcamp. I signed up for the bootcamp and a few hours later strapped on skates. BEST DECISION EVER. 

I never learned to skate as a kid so it was a huge challenge but it's totally possible to learn derby if you've never skated before. It just takes a ton of determination! 

Theme Song: Underdog by Spoon

Likes: Coffee, hanging with my cat, shopping local, wearing vintage clothing, National Parks, camping and being outdoors.

Dislikes: Bad attitudes, the current state of affairs, going to the grocery store, the patriarchy, and running.

Injuries sustained during derby? Got a huge cut on my nose during a scrimmage, bruises (mostly self inflicted while learning to skate), blisters. But nothing too serious!

Fun Facts: I make a mean cold brew coffee by the gallon in the summer. Be nice to me and I might send a bottle of it your way.