Slayer Moon

Number: 91

Years Played: 2017 is my 3rd season with HRD, but I also played for 3 years on the banked track.

How did you first hear about and start playing roller derby? My stepdad joked that my mom was going to start playing after we watched 'Whip It' one night. I wasn't going to let her go without me, so I started researching leagues in the area and ended up attending the banked track boot camps in Texas City. I used to rollerblade as a kid so the transition to quad skates was pretty easy. After the first few practices I never wanted to do anything else.

Favorite piece of derby gear:  I love my Bonts with custom toe guards by Derby Vixen on Etsy. I also really appreciate my hockey helmet and face shield.

Theme song: "Black Sheep" - Metric

Likes: Cats, donuts, twinning, art-making, and cartoons (Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and Sailor Moon to name a few!)

DislikesWaking up early, clutter and disorganization

Injuries sustained during derby? Throughout my derby career I have messed up both of my knees, and both of my feet with varying degrees of sprains, twists, etc.

Fun Facts: Roller derby is a family affair for me. Last year, I married one of my former teammates (who now coaches the Valkyries and the All Stars) and I have finally convinced both of my siblings to start skating as well. My sister Holly Lew Yah is on the Bayou City Bosses, and my brother started skating with Houston Men's Roller Derby this year.